Who are we

Brands on Display is a truly innovative agency designing and producing POS displays.  Set up in China by an experienced European team. Linking European quality  to Chinese flexibility and low cost production. Allowing us to design better displays and producing them cost efficiently for the most demanding clients.

In-house production in China

Quality and service

We work from our own in-house production offices in China and do not depend on third parties. This gives us:  

Enormous production flexibility allowing us to offer more unique and better displays than our competitors.  
Considerable cost advantage so we can offer excellent quality and flexible service at highly competitive prices.  

Brands on Display works for the most demanding customers. Just have a look at our portfolio. 
We can give absolute quality guarantee as we are fully in control of the production process from start to finish.  
This same approach also allows us to meet strict dead-lines and offer flexible, customer focused service

Unique designs

Product flexibility

Every display we design is 100% custom made.  

We listen to fully grasp the needs of your brand/product so we can propose the best possible POS display for you.
Our in-house production gives us more design flexibility since we can really produce what we design.

Chinese production means huge production flexibility. 
Combining any material in any finish or shape allows us to offer better and more attractive POS displays.  

This production approach also allows for small production runs.  Servicing our customer even better.
POS displays


808 Limited Ltd.

On Hong Commercial Building

145 Hennesey Road

Wanchai, Hong Kong


T: +852 2530 0909

F: +852 2530 1919

E: info@brands-on-display.com

European Contacts

T: +32 498 97 44 32 of +32 498 97 54 70

E: info@brands-on-display.com